May 11, 2021

Judy Ledlee | WWD Young Pros

Judy Ledlee | WWD Young Pros

Judy Ledlee is a process engineer for Black & Veatch where she is most excited about the growth and acceptance of data analytics in the water industry. She is also a semi-professional ultimate frisbee athlete who started a game in college that has been played perpetually ever since.

Ledlee explains many of the skills and tools she’s learned through the sport and how they’ve translated to her professional life. Most notably, she talks about how it has helped with personal accountability, owning up to mistakes and improving communication in stressful environments.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • How Judy got interested in water: (0:52)
  • Specialized knowledge versus general knowledge in industry work: (3:01)
  • Ultimate frisbee and why it is a personal passion: (3:33)
  • Competitive outlets and building healthy cultures of competition: (5:01)
  • Personal accountability and admitting mistakes: (5:52)
  • Translating skills from ultimate frisbee to professional life: (6:16)
  • What excites Judy about the industry’s future: (7:54)
  • The value of data in process engineering: (9:20)
  • Catering to the next generation of water workers: (10:26)
  • Outro: (12:22)

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