Dec 22, 2020

JEA Water Purification R&D | 2020 WWD Top Projects

JEA Water Purification R&D | 2020 WWD Top Projects

JEA serves the Greater Jacksonville, Florida area, and recognized an opportunity to further capitalize its reclaimed water and diversify its water supply to more than just the local aquifer. It set on a mission to discover the best treatment process to create a potable reuse strategy, and tested them with pilot treatment trains in two facilities. 

Ryan Popko, JEA water purification project programming manager, explains why JEA felt the need to research and develop potable reuse as a means for future water security and how it aims to engage the public in making the project a success. Greg Wetterau, CDM Smith vice president and membrane technology leader, explains the processes that were tested, how water quality impacted them and the primary lessons he and JEA learned during research and development.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Understanding the size and scope of JEA’s operations: (0:41)
  • The criticality of potable reuse and the reception to the project: (1:29)
  • The reason for testing multiple treatment processes in parallel: (3:16)
  • Explaining the process trains and how water quality affects them: (4:22)
  • Surprises, lessons and learned nuances for each treatment train: (7:00)
  • Operator lessons on coagulation processes for potable reuse: (8:16)
  • How the research is being used now: (9:38)
  • Public relations in Australia and California inform JEA’s public outreach: (10:32)
  • JEA’s potable reuse future and next steps: (12:02)
  • Outro: (12:38)

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