Oct 01, 2020

The Industry Icon David Drake | 2020 WWD Industry Icon

The Industry Icon David Drake | 2020 WWD Industry Icon

David Drake is vice president of innovation for SmartCover Systems and he is also the 2020 WWD Industry Icon. Hear from Drake as he describes his career trajectory, his experience at the CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory and why it is so important to put in the hard work.

The qualities that make Drake the WWD Industry Icon are his passion for solving problems, his ability to connect disparate ideas and people with each other, and his supreme intelligence. Despite how smart he is, Drake is thoughtful in how he shares his knowledge with others. He doesn’t use it as a means to show superiority, but rather as a way to inform and teach. And in carrying the mantle of WWD Industry Icon, Drake says he aims to get more involved to connect more deeply with an industry he deeply cares about.

Read the full article about the 2020 WWD Industry Icon David Drake here: https://www.wwdmag.com/industry-icon-award/industry-icon-transforming-beauty-insight

Watch last week’s interview with ACWA-JPIA Executive Director Andy Sells who has worked closely with Drake on risk management for years: https://www.wwdmag.com/videos/executive-director-2020-wwd-industry-icon

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