Dec 01, 2020

Enhanced Biosolids Reuse & Reduction Project | 2020 WWD Top Projects

Enhanced Biosolids Reuse & Reduction Project | 2020 WWD Top Projects

Harrisonburg-Rockhingham Regional Sewer Authority (HRRSA) had been flaring biogas at one of its facilities and had sought for a few years to find an alternative to flaring that could benefit in-house processes and energy efficiency. To do so, HRRSA made it a goal to reduce 100% of biosolids produced at its North River facility with thermal drying to produce Class A EQ biosolids. To get the most out of the thermal drying, coordinating minute details between HRRSA, the engineering firm RK&K, and the equipment manufacturer Komline-Sanderson was critical.

Sharon G. Foley, executive director of HRRSA, explains the history of HRRSA, the steps she and the utility took to reuse and reduce biosolids and what she and the team learned along the way. DJ Wacker, RK&K project manager, talks about why additional poultry sludge was necessary to make the thermal drying system reach its full potential. And Christopher Komline, Komline-Sanderson Corp. vice president, highlights how the K-S technology was implemented with HRRSA, what he and his company learned from that implementation and what that could mean for the future of the project.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • HRRSA background, size and population: (0:33)
  • Why HRRSA embarked on the project and primary goals: (1:52)
  • The role of self-funding and lack of regulatory drivers: (4:26)
  • Poultry sludge and its vitality to the system: (6:20)
  • Lessons and information learned from the project: (9:38)
  • Class A biosolids and additional revenue: (12:41)
  • The energy equation is not a one-size-fits-all solution: (13:39)
  • Advice for utilities looking at thermal drying of wastewater: (14:59)

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