Jan 13, 2022

Cybersecurity Information Sharing & Scorecards | WWD Weekly Digest

Cybersecurity Information Sharing & Scorecards | WWD Weekly Digest

Overshadowed by infrastructure spending and other efforts, President Joe Biden has made a strong push to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity for public and private systems in the U.S. Electric and internet utilities have been at the table for these high level conversations for years and water and wastewater utilities can learn a lot from them.

Charlie Moskowitz, vice president of policy and government affairs for SecurityScorecard, discusses what this increased emphasis on cybersecurity means for water and wastewater utilities and what a utilities size means for their vulnerabilities. He also notes the importance of continuous monitoring and information sharing and where he thinks conversations on cybersecurity will be in several years.


  • Sponsor Message: Bedrock Automation | 0:00
  • Intro | 0:20
  • President Biden’s push on cybersecurity | 0:57
  • Do vulnerabilities change based on utility size? | 3:04
  • Continuous monitoring and information sharing | 4:26
  • Engineering, consulting and contracting companies need security too | 8:34
  • How cybersecurity conversations will evolve for water and wastewater | 10:02
  • Outro | 14:31

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