Apr 29, 2021

Converting from AMR to AMI | WWD Weekly Digest

Converting from AMR to AMI | WWD Weekly Digest

Advanced metering infrastructure and smart water metering are popular topics for drinking water utilities. The technology can improve operational efficiency, provide for better data collection and create a better customer experience. Rowland Water District in California embarked on such an upgrade.

Allen Davison, field operation supervisor for Rowland Water District, said Rowland Water District aims to be a leading utility in the industry by embracing new technology. The upgrade will change a month-long reading cycle to a 24-hour cycle because the meters take readings every 12 hours. When the district completes its conversion in June 2022, a portal will be available for customers to view their water usage and data points.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Rowland Water District size, population and flow rates: (0:28)
  • What drive Rowland Water District to upgrade to smart water metering: (1:22)
  • Operational efficiencies gained from smart water metering: (2:02)
  • How to use smart water metering data: (2:50)
  • Customer transparency of water data and usage statistics: (3:40)
  • The next steps for smart water metering for the district: (4:15)
  • Converting from AMR to AMI: (5:08)
  • Public outreach about converting from AMR to AMI: (6:01)
  • Status of the AMR to AMI conversion: (6:32)
  • Using smart water metering for leak detection: (7:01)
  • California water conservation rules: (8:22)
  • Outro: (8:53)

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