May 06, 2021

April Nabors | 2021 WWD Young Pros

April Nabors | 2021 WWD Young Pros

April Nabors transitioned from a pharmacy career to water when she recognized the connection of the professions. Since then she’s risen in the ranks for Birmingham Water Board where she is an engineer and superintendent of land administration.

Nabors explains how pipe tapping competitions like Hydrant Hysteria grabbed her interest, why it became such an important part of her career and what it means to Birmingham Water Board. She also talks about her volunteer and mission work around the world, and taps into why she gets so much satisfaction from watching others grow around her. 

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Transitioning from pharmacy career to water: (1:01)
  • April’s career path and evolving her role: (2:55)
  • Hydrant Hysteria and pipe tapping competitions: (5:26)
  • Why pipe tapping competitions are so much fun: (7:42)
  • How volunteerism and mission trips inform perspective: (8:40)
  • Elevating the people around you: (11:04)
  • How would you cater to the next generation of water workers?: (12:43)
  • Outro: (0:00)

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