May 27, 2021

Antoine Walter | WWD Young Pros

Antoine Walter | WWD Young Pros

Antoine Walter’s career in water was nearly pre-ordained as both of his parents attended an engineering school that he too would later attend for the education necessary to launch his career. He spent a year traveling and learning about water and wastewater systems around the world through an internship with Engie, and those experiences only furthered his interest in working in water.

Walter discusses why he is so passionate about water, and the barriers he sees for why it can be so difficult to make significant change in the industry despite water’s value. He also highlights the importance of hiring diversely, and how they can be a catalyst for generating the next generation of water workers.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • What sparked the interest in the water industry?: (0:45)
  • Family lineage of water engineering: (2:59)
  • Formative memories from world travel: (4:38)
  • Visibility and marketing water’s value: (6:36)
  • Enthusiastic education can bridge the gap: (10:05)
  • Composing music and the act of discovery: (11:30)
  • Shared purpose and widening perspective: (14:20)
  • Catering to the next generation of water workers: (15:35)

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