Versar Awarded Stormwater Compliance Contracts

Versar, Inc., has been awarded a contract from Frederick County, Maryland, to support the county's compliance with their National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for their Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System.

The one-year contract, with two option years will allow Versar to aid Frederick County in implementing its growing stormwater management and watershed restoration programs. The contract has a potential value of $1.5 million.

For the past three years, Versar has assisted Frederick County in increasing its level of compliance activity to satisfy stringent deadlines specified in its NPDES Phase I municipal permit. Under the new contract, Versar also will develop new initiatives to monitor effectiveness of the latest stormwater designs, expand public outreach and promote watershed restoration to fulfill new requirements of the County's second generation NPDES permit.

Versar also was one of five firms recently selected by Fairfax County, Virginia, to develop watershed management plans to support the County's stormwater planning programs over the next five years. Beginning initially in the Cameron Run and Pohick Creek watersheds, Versar will conduct a synthesis of existing stream and watershed data, model water quality to predict conditions under future development scenarios, institute public involvement and develop watershed plans integrating structural and non-structural Best Management Practices.

"We are delighted that Frederick and Fairfax Counties have chosen Versar to assist them with these important watershed management efforts. This work builds upon our current stormwater support in enhancing the water quality of the Nation's streams and rivers. We are implementing a strategy that increases Versar's market share in the growing water marketplace," Dr. Ted Prociv, president of Versar, said.

Versar, Inc.

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