Vernon Lucy Receives WWEMA Member Achievement Award

Recognized for his outstanding service, the coveted 2003 James C. Morriss Member Achievement Award was presented to Vernon Lucy, President of Ondeo Degremont, Inc. during the 95th Annual Meeting of the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Lucy was recognized for his outstanding achievement and relentless effort in serving the interests of WWEMA, having been an active member and a Director of the Association for over a quarter century.

This award was named after James C. Morriss, a pioneer in the water pipeline industry and former Chairman of WWEMA. In 1976, he founded JCM Industries (Nash, TX), a manufacturer of pipe fittings for water pipelines. Morriss was attributed with developing an aluminum tubing process that allowed bombers to be heated so airplanes could fly at higher altitudes, including the one used to drop the atomic bombs during World War II.


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