Mar 27, 2016

Insertion Valve Can Be Quickly Installed

Valve is available in a variety of sizes & can be adapted to numerous situations

EZ-Valve can be used two ways: as a permanent valve or as a temporary line stop by simply replacing the valve bonnet with a blind flange. Installation is quick, easy and completed under full line pressure.

Professionals will appreciate the built-in features that speed up installations and avoid costly steps. A compact design means that only one small excavation is required and heavy equipment use is not needed or held to a minimum. The tuberculation-busting resilient wedge gate has a core of ductile iron and delivers a drip-tight seal. Access to the pipe is achieved with a 120-degree milled slot that means there is no coupon to drop, no thrust restraint problems to tackle and no extra concrete work.

An isolation valve is built into the body of the EZ-Valve so that specialized equipment and the time to use it are not required. A small, simple toolkit includes a milling machine that has standard, easy-to-install cutters good for approximately eight jobs plus eight more (after rotating) before replacement.

EZ-Valve sizes are 4 to 24 in. (100 to 600 mm), and the advanced gasket system adapts to both irregular geometries (out-of-round pipes) and many non-standard dimensions. Installs are fast: under one hour for 4 to 12 in., and about four hours for 16, 20 and 24 in.

More than 25,000 successful installations have been performed worldwide on cast iron, ductile, steel, A/C, spiral-welded and other pipe materials. Each EZ-Valve is precision-machined and pressure-tested prior to installation. Agency approvals include AWWA, UL and NFS.

EZ-Valve provides an under-pressure installation that isolates the impact zone, maintains service for more businesses and residences and lessens advertising of shutdowns. Treatments, such as de-chlorination and re-chlorination, are not needed, and more than 98% of minute milling chips are collected. EZ-Valve does not have a debris-catching gate recess.

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