Oct 18, 2021

DeZURIK PTW 3-Way Plug Valves Solve Digester Gas Corrosion Problems

DeZURIK 3-Way Aluminum Plug Valves with Chainwheel Operators Withstand Corrosion in this Digester Gas Application.
DeZURIK 3-Way Aluminum Plug Valves with Chainwheel Operators Withstand Corrosion in this Digester Gas Application.

Wastewater treatment plants must do something with gases and waste generated from the digestion process. For most, they're left with corrosive Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane gas, and Class B waste that must be transported to landfills for disposal. A large treatment facility in the Eastern United States installed a proprietary system that breaks down the sludge with steam and pressure. The challenge was finding valves that would stand up to the caustic gases and chemicals generated by the digestion process, especially hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is generated by the anaerobic decay of sulfur-containing organic matter.

Dealing with Hydrogen Sulfide can be a challenge. Corrosion from Hydrogen Sulfide can aggressively attack iron and other metals, shortening their service life. For parts of the system that are exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide, aluminum is the preferred material because of its ability to withstand corrosion. To address this challenge, DeZURIK PTW 3-Way Aluminum Plug Valves were specified for this project.

DeZURIK has been manufacturing aluminum 3-Way Plug and Eccentric Plug Valves for decades. They are designed specifically for control and diversion of corrosive gases. DeZURIK has developed extensive expertise in material selection through numerous successful installations in digester gas applications. The PTW 3-Way Valves with lift-turn-reseat chainwheel actuators and resilient-faced plugs provide dead-tight shutoff, even with dirty solids in the flow. The heavy-duty bearings resist corrosion, prevent binding and assure lasting, easy valve operation. Multiple V-ring packing provides a reliable seal that rarely requires adjustment or replacement. The many features of the DeZURIK PTW 3-Way Valves will help ensure they last for years to come.

The Result:

The facility was able to saving money while generating power and profit. The now-operational treatment plant produces 10 megawatts of electricity from the wastewater treatment process and provides nearly a third of the electricity used by the plant. Additionally, the biosolid product produced is a cleaner Class A biosolid that can be used as a compost-like material for urban gardens and green infrastructure projects. For complete information on DeZURIK 3-Way Plug Valves for Digester Gas Service, or any of DeZURIK's valves wastewater treatment, visit www.dezurik.com or contact your local DeZURIK representative.


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