Mar 09, 2017

Ball Valve Operates Under High Pressure

Product includes blowout-proof stem, quarter-turn check under valve cap

Before designing its line of ball valves, Mueller Co. analyzed the needs of the marketplace. It studied existing designs to see how well those needs were being met. Also, it asked end users across the country what they want in a ball valve. The result is the Mueller 300 ball valve, a comprehensive product line available in corporation, curb, service, in-line meter and angle meter styles, with a full selection of connection options, including Mueller 110 compression connections.

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Mueller 300 ball valves feature a 300-psig working pressure, far exceeding American Water Works Assn. standards. This level of performance allows water distribution systems to grow and handle the associated increased pressures. The valve is designed for maximum strength and durability, especially at the critical ball-to-stem connection. The blowout-proof stem prevents stem ejection and assures reliability. A quarter-turn check is located under the valve cap. The location and strength of material around the check helps prevent breakage or leaks in case over-torquing occurs in the field. Finally, the enlarged cap on curb valves is easy to locate and turn in the curb box or pit. The cap’s sloping shoulders shed dirt to aid operating wrench engagement.

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