Sep 11, 2017

Air Release Valve Vault Helps Protect Pipes From Pressure Surges

Design allows easy access to valves

Air Release Valve Vault Helps Protect Pipes From Pressure Surges

The Mueller Air Release Valve Vault provides a means to quickly install and protect an air release valve (such as Pratt or other brands). Air release valves are designed to vent trapped air that collects at high points in pressurized water pipelines. These valves continuously release air that could otherwise cause damaging pressure surges, resulting in increased power consumption, decreased flow and even inexplicable pipe ruptures.

To make the air release valve more accessible, Mueller Co. provides a steel mounting platform and an inline ball valve that can be raised and lowered from ground level using a built-in key extension rod. The Air Release Valve Vault—a Thermal-Coil design—is available in both 15- and 18-in.-diameter sizes with a wide range of bury depths. This Thermal-Coil vault (or box) allows the air release valve to be serviced even though it is set deep into the ground to resist freezing. Additional features include a threaded service line connection and an NTP connection for the air release valve. The PVC vault meets ASTM D-224 and D-1794, and can be covered using a locking or non-locking lid.

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