Sep 21, 2016

Actuator Closes Chlorine Containers in Case of Emergency

Device uses controller to provide power & logic

The Terminator actuator is an economical safety device that automatically closes a chlorine cylinder or ton container valve in case of a leak or emergency. It is easily installed on either cylinders or ton containers that use standard U.S.-style chlorine valves. It is a DC-powered impact device that provides 40 to 50 lb-ft of emergency closing torque as recommended by the Chlorine Institute. The Terminator actuator uses the Gemini controller to provide power and logic to the actuator; the Gemini is a two-channel controller with an integral 12-VDC battery that provides main and backup power. It includes a remote activation input for panic switches, gas detectors or activation via SCADA, and it also offers a relay output that indicates when an emergency close operation has been performed.

The original parallel rod mount is simple to install on a vertical-style cylinder. Its design places the drive bushing directly on the valve stem with two parallel rods extending down along the valve body. Once installed, a simple retention pin is placed through the bottom of the parallel rods for added security. The parallel rod design is compatible with all cylinder-mounted vacuum regulators and with the standard CGA 820-style yoke that is used when feeding under pressure. No special adapters or tools are required for installation with any of these devices.

The new yoke-clamp-mount Terminator incorporates the same clamping mechanism as on the company’s Eclipse actuator. Two clamp arms secure the Terminator to a standard CGA 820-style yoke by simply tightening a hand knob. For installations where the ton container has a vacuum regulator mounted directly to it, an auxiliary valve adapter or vacuum regulator extension provides clearance so the Terminator and vacuum regulator can both be mounted to the tank valve.

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