Dec 18, 2008

Valley Water Named Best Overall by California's Flex Your Power Campaign

Only government agency honored in its energy-efficiency awards category

The Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) in California is once again receiving recognition as a statewide leader in water and energy conservation. Out of hundreds applicants, Valley Water was one of five organizations and the only governmental agency chosen to be honored in the "Best Overall" category of California's energy efficiency outreach campaign, Flex Your Power.Valley Water helped save over 19.5 billion gal of water through its programs during the last fiscal year. These programs include technical and financial assistance in the residential, commercial, landscape and agricultural sectors of Santa Clara County.Valley Water's high-efficiency toilet program, which has provided and installed at no-cost to businesses 10,500 toilets in the last five years, helped save 113 million gal of water. In addition, Valley Water has provided recycled water and encouraged its use throughout the county to reduce demand on traditional sources. Water conservation efforts such as these have saved 1.42 billion kWh and prevented the emissions of more than 700 million lb of carbon dioxide and more than 450,000 lb of other air pollutants."Receiving this award is especially meaningful considering the kind of drought and economic conditions we are in now," said Chief Executive Officer Olga Martin Steele. "I am very proud of the outstanding work that our water-use efficiency team has done to earn this award.""Water-use efficiency is our future, and we have made it a priority," said Keith Whitman, deputy operating officer for the Water Supply Operations Division. "Our programs offer innovative, creative and cost-effective ways to save water, energy, money and help the environment."