Val-Matic Enters Water Security Market with New Inflow Preventer, FloodSafe

In an effort to address the escalating security concerns of recent years, Val-Matic announced at WEFTEC.05 that the company has developed a new product that prevents contaminated water from entering a potable water pipeline or reservoir through an air valve or reservoir vent.
The FloodSafe Inflow Preventer is a revolutionary patented system that provides unrivaled vault protection from contamination. By preventing water from passing through the FloodSafe, contaminated floodwater or water that has been compromised by intentional tapering is prevented from entering the air valve outlet and is subsequently unable to enter the system.
While preventing the system from becoming compromised, the FloodSafe still allows the air valve or vent to exhaust and admit air to the system. The FloodSafe is equipped with built-in redundancy similar to that found in backflow preventers. In the event of failure by the first float check, a second float check prevents contaminated water from reaching the pipeline.
Like backflow preventers, the FloodSafe is a durable, reliable and critical solution to the integrity of every water system in service today and those being developed for the future. The FloodSafe is field testable, allowing both chambers to be independently tested.

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