Val-Matic Acquires New Facility

The new Addison, Ill., facility will house 177,000 sq ft of manufacturing & office space

Val-Matic has acquired a 60,000 sq ft building in Addison, Ill. This will be the company’s second facility and will provide a total of 177,000 sq ft of manufacturing and office space.

The new facility will be utilized for their largest valves and new industrial Trunnion Ball and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. It will also be used for the engineering research and development personnel and the engineering laboratory and flow loop.

The facility has seven cranes ranging in size from 2 tons to 10 tons. A new 20-ton crane will be added and put in service this August to handle two 96-in. 250B Butterfly valves.

The planned opening for all large valves is scheduled to start in October and completion is set for the end of January, 2014.


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