May 05, 2008

UV Pure to Ship Power Conditioner with Every UV System

Panamax M4-EX Power Conditioner will provide protection from power grid fluctuations

UV Pure has announced it will begin shipping a Panamax M4-EX Power Conditioner with every Hallett and Upstream UV water purification system.

Rick VanSant, president and CEO of UV Pure Technologies, said, “UV Pure is in the safe water business. Our systems are designed to be effective in the broadest range of water conditions in our industry. And they are designed to operate within normal power grid specifications (voltages and frequencies) worldwide.

“We have been working with Panamax, the industry leader in power conditioning equipment, to identify the best solution to safeguard our water purification systems from power grid fluctuations,” VanSant said. “The M4-EX provides protection from brownouts, spikes and high line voltage, and restarts automatically. We think the M4-EX is the industry leader, and smart, like our patented Crossfire Technology.”

The Panamax M4-EX Power Conditioner was successfully tested with UV Pure’s 115-volt North American systems. Those tests demonstrated that the systems survived brownouts below 90 volts and transient voltage spikes of up to 6000 volts and 3000 amps. If exceptionally high or low power causes the Panamax unit to safely shut down power, UV Pure’s systems simply restart normally when power stabilizes, without any need to manually reset or restart. The M4-EX provides protection for up to 4 devices, so up to three other devices could be protected in addition to a UV Pure system.