Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Water and Wastewater

Oct. 11, 2021

What does it take for the water and wastewater sector to be ready for cyber threats?

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There are roughly 52,000 community water systems and 16,000 wastewater systems in the U.S. and they struggle with cybersecurity at varying levels from lack of knowledgeable workforce to affordability. Even with these challenges, you can still be prepared for the threat of cyber breaches, which are increasing in scale and frequency in critical infrastructure.

Hear from the experts who are dedicated to understanding and creating more secure IT and OT systems in the water and wastewater sector. Join us for this free live virtual event.

What's on the program?

  • Keynote: An analysis and outlook of cybersecurity in the water sector.  We will hear from Michael Arceneaux, a leading figure in the water sector for over 25 years.  He is currently the managing director at Water-ISAC and COO of Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.
  • Expert Panel Discussion: Preparing your water facility for an effective cybersecurity strategy - moving the needle and overcoming obstacles.  Leaders in operational and IT cybersecurity for water systems will share their knowledge and experiential wisdom in this open discussion.
  • Presentation: Getting started on the path to a practical cybersecurity program with limited resources. The event will conclude with an in-depth exploration of proven approaches and practical measures that can be taken to implement a cybersecurity program.

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