What it takes to be Division 1 in WEF Operations Challenge

Nov. 13, 2023
Four Operations Challenge teams in the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association competed for Division 1 status at WEFTEC. This is their story.

The Water Environment Federation Operations Challenge is the premiere competition for water and wastewater professionals across the United States. Teams compete in a series of five events — process control, safety, laboratory, maintenance and collections — to determine the best performers and ultimately the winners. Teams must be strong in every event to have a chance at taking home first place. 

The Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association had four teams competeing for Division 1 status at its regional event in June 2023. The top two placing teams would go on to compete at WEFTEC 23 in Chicago. WEFTEC is the national stage for the WEF Operations Challenge, where the competitors would battle against teams from other regions across the country to determine who is best nationwide.

This is the story of how Elevated Ops, Sewerside Squad, Double Duty and Commode Commandos practiced, competed and made it to the national stage. Two of the four teams representing RMWEA took home podium positions at WEFTEC and no team placed lower than fifth at the national competition. This is what it takes to be the best at the WEF Operations Challenge.

This video was directed, filmed, edited and produced by Garver. Learn more about Garver at www.garverusa.com.

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