How employee engagement programs can solve utility workforce issues

Oct. 12, 2023
McCarthy Building Companies Director of Start-up and Commissioning Ro Amelung explains why employee engagement programs are critical to the future of work force and why you should start one for your organization.

Ro Amelung was promoted to director of start-up and commissioning for McCarthy Building Companies in July. While her work speaks for itself, one of the underlying interests for her is employee engagement, the program for which she takes very seriously at McCarthy Building Companies.

Amelung explains why these programs are important, how McCarthy uses them to improve employee happiness and fulfillment, and what other professionals in the water and wastewater industry could lean from their programs.

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  • Why employee engagement programs matter | 0:47
  • A happy employee is a productive employee | 1:26
  • Most successful employee engagement programs | 2:02
  • Finding fulfillment with work skills outside of work | 2:54
  • How employee engagement solves workforce issues | 3:20
  • Bringing shop back to schools | 5:01

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