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June 29, 2023
Cory Salmon, manager — water and wastewater for HRG Inc., describes his job to strangers as a frontline defender or public health and safety.

While often overlooked, the workers of the water industry have a direct connection to public health and safety. Drinking water systems ensure water is safe to consume and wastewater systems ensure our waste doesn't pollute the environments in which we live.

Cory Salmon, water and wastewater group manager for HRG Inc., said when explaining his job to those outside the industry, he starts with that direct connection and builds from there. The impact of each project becomes a lasting nugget of a memory, an experience to be cherished for years to come.

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  • Why water and career history | 0:54 
  • A sense of purpose | 1:50
  • Describe your job to a stranger | 3:40
  • A memorable and meaningful project | 5:45
  • Hobbies and time away from the office | 7:49
  • Finding joy in building memories | 9:05
  • A message to employers about hiring and retention | 9:29
  • Transparency and accountability | 10:53
  • Outro | 11:30

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