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June 22, 2023
Engineers can often be labeled as robotic or analytical, but it is their emotion and connection to community and humanity that drives their purpose and work in the water industry.

It is a common trope that engineers are robotic and overly analytical. While that may be true to an extent, they still have emotions and feelings that ground them in their work and inspire their next project. Connecting with that humanity is crucial to establishing purpose.

Cheyanne Harris, senior associate engineer for Brown and Caldwell, said she finds purpose in her work in water and wastewater in the value it provides to the community it impacts. She also is an avid learner who notes that each new day and job presents an opportunity to learn something new.

Additional Resources


  • Why water and career history | 0:27
  • Pitch your job to a stranger | 2:27
  • The connection to life improvement | 3:17
  • A point of pride project | 4:25
  • Community and continuous learning | 5:49
  • Hobbies and life outside the office | 6:12
  • Nerding out on infrastructure during travel | 7:10
  • Hiring and retaining the next generation | 8:43
  • Outro | 10:07

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