Infrastructure Funding Update for the Water Industry | WWD Weekly Digest

Feb. 10, 2022
American Public Works Association leadership provides an update to infrastructure funding for the water sector.

Infrastructure funding may have been signed into law by the president, but Congress must still appropriate the funds for the water sector to fully utilize the funding measures approved last year. In January, the American Public Works Association published a press release calling on Congress to fully fund all the programs so utilities and public works across the U.S. could plan for and begin the process of completing necessary projects.

APWA President Stan Brown and APWA CEO Scott Grayson discuss the status of these measures, the optimism and excitement across all infrastructure verticals, and share ways water and wastewater sector workers can aid APWA efforts with Congress.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • How will the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law impact U.S. public works | 0:35
  • Funding held up by waiting on appropriations | 1:48
  • How APWA is working with Congress to get appropriations finalized | 4:40
  • The misconception of how much funding is available | 6:15
  • Defining disadvantaged communities & other bureaucratic hold ups | 7:42
  • ARPA funds for water, sewer and broadband | 8:57
  • How APWA is getting members involved in the processes | 10:04
  • Educational tools for funding programs | 11:58

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