Digging Deep Into CMAR & DB | WWD Weekly Digest

Oct. 14, 2021
Construction manager at risk (CMAR) and design build (DB) are two of the more common alternative delivery methods. Learn why with this video.

In the past few years, alternative delivery methods for water and wastewater projects have become more common and popular. Among the most popular are construction manager at risk (CMAR) and design-build (DB), but what sets them apart and why would you want to use them.

Jake Stones, VP, Project Executive for McCarthy Building Companies, explains how these two alternative delivery methods allow for flexibility and collaboration. Michaela Rempkowski, integrated design director for McCarthy Building Companies, highlights the value that these two options bring to the table, and the benefits of both DB and CMAR. Learn how legislation is making these options more widely available as states open the doors to them, and also gain an understanding of the market forces making these option gain popularity for utility projects.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • What is Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)?: (0:49)
  • How does CMAR function?: (1:31)
  • Why should one choose CMAR over other methods?: (2:16)
  • What is Design-Build (DB)?: (5:15)
  • Real world DB lessons: (7:22)
  • How alternative delivery establishing stronger relationships: (8:55)
  • How to choose between CMAR and DB: (9:58)
  • Evaluating risk profile for the project and delivery method: (11:50)
  • What is contributing to exploration of project delivery methods?: (13:58)
  • Misconceptions of Design-Bid-Build delivery: (15:42)
  • The impact infrastructure funding could have on delivery method choices: (18:47)
  • How funding increases competition: (21:00)
  • Outro: (23:08)

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