How Veolia is Using Augmented Reality at Water & Wastewater Plants | WWD Weekly Digest

Sept. 30, 2021
Learn how Veolia North American used augmented reality (AR) to train employees, transfer knowledge and maintain its facilities during a pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic placed many challenges at the feet of water and wastewater plant operators and managers, but ahead of that pandemic, Veolia North America was experimenting with augmented reality (AR) to improve its facilities. With the advent of ubiquitous technology and an improvement in digital tools understanding, Veolia began to find ways to use AR for the better.

Veronique Bourgier, Veolia NA VP of marketing and strategy, and Melissa Demsky, Veolia NA senior director of asset management, discuss what AR is, how it differs from digital twin, and some of the best use cases they’ve found for the technology. They also highlight the benefits of knowledge transfer, training and even hint at future development uses for augmented reality in Veolia facilities.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • What is augmented reality (AR)?: (0:37)
  • What type of technology is Veolia NA using for AR?: (3:17)
  • How AR aids in knowledge transfer and training: (6:33)
  • What’s next for AR at Veolia and how will the tech evolve?: (10:05)
  • How is AR different from digital twin?: (11:40)
  • What lessons Veolia NA has learned with AR: (15:55)
  • Recommendations for utilities considering AR: (18:10)
  • Outro: (20:09)

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