Enviro-Care Company

April 3, 2018
The Enviro-Care Flowminutor has a voracious appetite for reducing liquid-born solids to fine particles. Its revolutionary design outperforms traditional comminutors. The Flowminutor’s main feature is a single, horizontal shaft conical rotor assembly made up of concentric stainless steel rings, on which hardened steel cutters are mounted. The rotor is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor and a simple chain drive. Each cutter is precision aligned. The powerful scissor action quickly chops even the most stubborn solids. The particles are then easily whisked away by the self cleaning action of the liquid flow through the 3/8” (9.5 mm) spacing of the conical rings. The flexible PLC controller can detect jams and initiate an auto-reverse and restart cycle to discharge solid obstructions and return to normal operation. The Flowminutor’s horizontal shaft design maximizes reliability through even cutter and bearing wear, unlike vertical shaft comminutors, whose lower cutting blades and bearings are exposed to more grit than upper blades. To keep maintenance costs low, all cutters are the same size and easily replaced with an Allen wrench. All components are easily accessible, while the sealed bearings are maintenance free. Simple, rugged cam locks quickly secure the Flowminutor into an open channel without costly plant modifications.