CISA, EPA collaborate on water, wastewater cybersecurity resources

Feb. 14, 2024
CISA and the U.S. EPA hosted a livestreamed LinkedIn event to share resources specifically developed for the water and wastewater sector, including the Water and Wastewater Sector Cybersecurity Toolkit.

The Cybersecurity and infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the U.S. EPA hosted a livestreamed event to share cybersecurity resources for the water and wastewater sector.

The CISA Live event on LinkedIn was titled “Boosting Water Sector Cybersecurity.” The event featured CISA Deputy Director Nitin Natarajan and EPA Director of Water Infrastructure and Cyber Resilience Division David Travers, highlighting the critical importance of water sector cybersecurity.

The livestreamed event shared resources specifically developed for the Water Sector and featured the Water and Wastewater Sector Cybersecurity Toolkit, which was jointly released by CISA and EPA on January 30, 2024. This toolkit provides practical safeguards and solutions for wastewater cybersecurity.

“This toolkit is a testament to the power of collaboration in enhancing our national cyber defense,” said Natarajan. “Our work in the water sector is coordinated with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), federal partners, state and local authorities, and the members of the water sector coordinating council including owners/operators and industry organizations, among others, to defend against today’s threats and collaborate to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future. We look forward to seeing a measurable reduction in risks to the water sector through the resources provided in this toolkit.”

The toolkit was developed with the water sector and equips sector members with actionable insights to elevate their cybersecurity posture in one place.

“Cyber threats present a risk to the essential drinking water and wastewater services that people across the country rely on every day. EPA, CISA and other federal agencies are working together to support cyber security best practices," said EPA Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox. "This toolkit provides easy access to resources for water utilities to enhance cyber security measures.

Key features of the Water Sector Cybersecurity Toolkit include a newly published Cybersecurity Incident Response Guide and essential services such as free cybersecurity assessment services, vulnerability scanning assessment services, technical assistance support, cybersecurity performance goals alignment, and cyber hygiene tools. This arsenal of resources emphasizes the toolkit’s value in enhancing cybersecurity readiness across the Water Sector. CISA and EPA will update the toolkit periodically to include new resources and respond to the evolving needs of the sector.

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