Jacobs receives contract renewal for Farmington, New Mexico wastewater system

Nov. 21, 2023
A new contract for operations and maintenance of Farmington’s water and wastewater infrastructure incorporates Aqua DNA, a Jacobs digital solution to improve wastewater network performance.

Engineering services company Jacobs announced that it has received a five-year contract renewal for operations and maintenance (O&M) of the City of Farmington, New Mexico’s wastewater and drinking water infrastructure.

The new contract incorporates Aqua DNA, a digital solution from Jacobs' uses smart sensors and predictive analytics to help improve wastewater network performance. Jacobs will use Aqua DNA to monitor collection system levels, adjust operations to prevent overflows and improve energy efficiency.

"Sustaining a reliable water supply for Farmington residents is especially challenging given the city's location and we will leverage our deep water experience to continue to bring technology and innovative approaches to this community," said Greg Fischer, Jacobs vice president of operations, maintenance, facility services and design-build. "The key focus will be to sustainably support the community with essential services while protecting the environment and the Animas River watershed by treating wastewater and stormwater thoroughly and efficiently."

The five-year contract commences January 1, 2024, with an initial contract value of $9 million per year. Jacobs has provided O&M services to the City of Farmington since 1999.