Carollo launches technical practices for resilience, water management

Oct. 23, 2023
Carollo Engineers has launched a Resilience and Sustainability Practice, focusing on issues from climate change mitigation to infrastructure vulnerabilities, and a Water Resources Practice, focusing on water management.

Carollo Engineers announced the official launch to technical practices focused on resilience, sustainability and water management.

The new technical processes are: the Water Resources Practice, and the Resilience and Sustainability Practice.

"Now more than ever, our clients are confronting unique and emerging challenges that require forward-thinking approaches and long-term solutions,” said Vincent Hart, managing director of technical practices for Carollo.

Carollo's Resilience and Sustainability Practice will focus on helping clients navigate a wide range of issues, from climate change mitigation to infrastructure vulnerabilities, and safeguard the continuous delivery of protected and reliable water and wastewater services to their customers and communities.

Under this practice, Carollo will provide guidance on enhancing operational resilience, managing greenhouse gas emissions, and performing sustainability assessments, utilizing frameworks such as Envision. In addition, as America's Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) approaches its 5-year recertification deadline in 2025, Carollo offers utilities guidance to update and recertify their risk and resilience assessments and emergency response plans and provide critical testing and validation support.

Carollo's Water Resources Practice consolidates the company’s experience and water management initiatives under one formal umbrella, embracing a holistic One Water approach that empowers clients to assess, diversify, and manage their water portfolios effectively. The practice focuses on critical areas, including water supply planning, groundwater and surface water management, as well as watershed and ecosystem management.

To lead these practices, Carollo has appointed two leaders.

Sarah Deslauriers, with 22 years of experience in climate science, sustainability, and environmental engineering assumes the role of Director of the Resilience and Sustainability Practice.

Inge Wiersema, with 26 years of experience in water system planning, One Water planning, master planning, and water management has been appointed Director of the Water Resources Practice.

Both leaders have been members of Carollo for over 17 years.

"Both Sarah and Inge have extensive knowledge and industry expertise and are tremendously passionate about their respective practices,” said Hart. “Under their leadership, these new practices will empower our clients to invest in long-term sustainable solutions and prevent unwanted outcomes in their communities."