Aquasight unveils automated data processing solution

Oct. 2, 2023
Aquasight’s Copilot produces real-time insights by processing dynamic data, such as identifying faulty gauges, advisory support for compliance and more.

Aquasight has announced the launch of Copilot, an automated data processing solution, to showcase at the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC).

"Our customers have expressed their struggles in managing overwhelming data and their desire to harness it for proactive and predictive management. In response, we have created Aquasight Copilot, powered by science/artificial intelligence, designed to automate data processing tasks that would otherwise demand an immense manual effort,” said Mahesh Lunani, Aquasight's founder and CEO. “Aquasight Copilot is at the forefront of producing real-time insights by processing dynamic data. For instance, it can identify faulty gauges, enabling swift crew deployment for repairs, recommend optimal operational adjustments, or rectify inaccurate data, ensuring its reliability,"

Aquasight's Copilot offers new capabilities for both water and wastewater utilities, ensuring scalability and reusability across the sector. Just like SCADA, which is engineered for plant automation, Aquasight Copilot is tailored to automate data processing, addressing specific challenges such as real-time design storm analysis, optimal aeration air guidance, on-demand anomaly detection for smart meters, or providing advisory support for compliance and cost-efficient UV dosage management.

Some of the Aquasight solutions empowered by Copilot include:

  • APOLLO: A plant solution that optimizes treatment processes under fluctuating flows and loads, assisting in reducing energy and chemical costs while enhancing understanding of the entire treatment system's performance.
  • ACE: A wastewater collection system solution that aids in predictive and proactive management of lift stations, offers wet weather intelligence, forecasts flows, identifies capacity bottlenecks, and estimates inflow and infiltration at various network locations.
  • AURA: A water distribution network solution that amalgamates data on flows, pressure, quality, and consumption, offering guidance for detecting anomalies and devising strategies to optimize water quality.