WIN-911 acquires SyTech, rebrands as SmartSights

Aug. 3, 2023
The combined entity SmartSights now provides data-driven analytics, reports and notifications, empowering effective actions for operations.

WIN-911, a provider of industrial monitoring, alerting, and notification software, announced that it has acquired SyTech and has rebranded the combined entity as SmartSights.

The fusion of WIN-911 and SyTech as SmartSights will help proivde extended solutions for monitoring and process intelligence.

SyTech is a provider of reporting software that enables organizations to turn raw process data into actionable information. SyTech is the developer of XLReporter, an industrial reporting platform.

“As we step into this new chapter, it’s fitting that we also evolve our brand to SmartSights, which represents the fusion of two trusted partners,” said Greg Jackson, CEO of SmartSights. “We’re excited about the expanded capabilities our combined organization can now offer our customers as they look to gain real-time insights that will help streamline decision making and enhance overall efficiency. We look forward to achieving new milestones under the banner of SmartSights.”

SmartSights provides data-driven analytics, reports, and notifications, empowering industrial operations with clear insights for effective decision-making and action. By providing comprehensive visibility into critical infrastructure management, SmartSights enables customers to identify swift problem resolution, waste reduction, and cost efficiencies, helping to elevate operational performance.

“The infusion of operational intelligence into critical infrastructure management is at the core of the SmartSights mission, paving the way for businesses to not just adapt, but to thrive and excel in an ever-changing world,” said Rick Pleczko, CEO of Capstreet Operating Executive Group and executive chair at SmartSights. “We believe SmartSights is poised to deliver impactful, data-driven solutions in a dynamic business environment.”