Indian River Set to be Restored

June 18, 2019

Mumbai State Environment Minister announced placement of two wastewater treatment plants along Mithi river

In India, Mumbai State Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam announced construction of sewer lines on both sides of the Mithi river June 15.  According to DNA India, they will also place two wastewater treatment plants along the river.

"We have found that all the sewage including household wastewater [and] industrial effluents from small industries end up entering the 17.84 km Mithi river from around 70 points along the river stretch, which will be taken care [of] by the sewer line,” Kadam said to DNA India. “Also, we have proposed the installation of mesh grills at the spots where feeder drains will join the sewer lines, which will stop all the solid waste from entering the sewer system."

He also said the sewer line and wastewater treatment plants would help the river pollution issue. The treated water from the plant may be put back in the river or it can also be used for other purposes, which Kadam said will be decided in the near future.

A check dam also was proposed to stop high tide water from Mahim creek from entering the Mithi river. According to DNA India, this would be to ensure that the proper gates will be installed. The minister also said he has been following up with his department to continually check on the progress being made.

Around 7.67 km of the Mithi is affected by high tide, and the river finds its origin in Vihar and Powai lakes and ends in Mahim Creek, according to DNA India.