California Storm Clean Up

March 4, 2019

Residents in Shasta Lake, Calif., has been hauling and unloading tree debris that fell after a storm hit

In Shasta Lake, Calif., Saturday, March 2, was a storm cleanup day for those taking truck loads of broken tree limbs and brush to a drop-off in the Shasta Gateway Industrial Park.

According to Record Searchlight, residents has been hauling and unloading the tree debris that fell ever since the Redding area snowstorm in February that created huge piles at the industrial park. Shasta Lake officials planned to close the site at the end of the day on Saturday.

“We lost 15 trees,” said Mark Wagner, the swim coach for Shasta College and the Redding Swim Team, as a tree fell on his wife’s car totaling it. His daughter’s car was also damaged.

The rising Sacramento River continued to overwhelm spaces at the Marina RV Park off Park Marina Drive in Redding due to increased water releases out of Lake Shasta, according to Record Spotlight.

The Bureau of Reclamation started letting more water pass through Shasta and Keswick dams on Thursday, Feb. 28, to make more room in the lake for recent storm runoff.

The releases tripled starting Thursday from 7,000 cu ft per second (cfs) to 25,000 cfs. On Saturday, the bureau said the releases would reach 30,000 cfs. According to Record Spotlight, at 2 p.m. Saturday, the outflow from Keswick Dam was up to 31,000 cfs.

Marina RV Park property manager Jennifer Henry-Silva said 20 recreational vehicles in the park's lower level had to move elsewhere due to the rising river. According to Record Spotlight, Henry-Silva said Bureau of Reclamation officials warned her ahead of time of the increased dam releases.