Business News Round Up - Oct. 26

Oct. 26, 2018

Aqua America announces agreement; Aquarian Group creates new products

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Aqua America Announces Agreement to Acquire Peoples

Aqua America Inc. announced it will acquire Peoples in an all-cash transaction that reflects an enterprise value of $4.275 billion, which includes the assumption of approximately $1.3 billion of debt. This acquisition marks the creation of a new infrastructure company that will be positioned to have a impact on improving the nation’s infrastructure reliability, quality of life and economic prosperity.

Peoples consists of Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC, Peoples Gas Company LLC and Delta Natural Gas Company Inc. The multi-platform entity brings together the second-largest U.S. water utility and fifth-largest U.S. stand-alone natural gas local distribution company and will serve 1.74 million customer connections, which represent approximately 5 million people. In 2019, the new company will have approximately $10.8 billion in assets and a projected U.S. regulated rate base of over $7.2 billion.

Aquarian Group Creates New Products & Equipment Division

Aquarion Group has established a new Products and Equipment Division. The division called Aquarion Products, will be run as a standalone entity, enabling the company to market its products and equipment directly to OEMs and end-users around the world.

Headquartered in Vienna, the organization houses a robust portfolio of acquired technologies such as a range of Circular Disc modules and low footprint TOVEKO Sand Filters, as well as other high performance products and systems developed through in-house research & development such as the high rate clarifier FLOCOPAC flocculation and precipitation reactor as well as containerized biofit.

U.S. EPA Awards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) announced that fourth-grader Asvini Thivakahran won a President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA). Asvini is being honored for creating battery recycling program at her school and community in Round Rock, Texas. Her efforts have kept more than half a ton of batteries from going to landfills

“We are very proud of Asvini for seeing a problem and creating a solution through passion and dedication,” said Anne Idsal, Regional Administrator.“Her hard work has benefited the environment, her school, and her community.”

The U.S. EPA also announced that eighth-grader Madhalasa Iyer from Plano, Texas, also won a PEYA. Madhalasa is being honored for working to protect farmers in India from harmful effects of incorrectly applied pesticides.

“Through ingenuity and perseverance, Madhalasa has made a real difference in the lives of many people,” Idsal said.“We are honored to recognize her scientific and humanitarian work.”

The agency also announced a $100,000 environmental education grant to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to increase environmental awareness for students and teachers in the Richmond Public Schools with an emphasis on how stormwater issues affect the Chesapeake Bay.

“It is encouraging to see groups like the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay developing a program that will teach and inspire students and teachers about the importance of protecting the Chesapeake Bay,” said Cosmo Servidio, EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator. “Environmental education begins in our own backyards and classrooms. This project is intended to increase public awareness so communities can make informed decisions.”

Veolia Water Technologies, Inc. Awarded

Veolia will provide a pre-fabricated six mgd Actiflo Package System to the Jenny Lind Water Treatment Plant. The source for this facility is the Calaveras River that is prone to spikes in NTU and TOC from wildfire ash washed down during wet weather events. It is during these spikes in influent conditions that the current plant struggles to maintain production. The system will operate as pretreatment to the existing plant, produce settled water with ≤ 10 NTU especially during upset conditions, and enable the water treatment plant to maintain operation over a wide variety of influent conditions.

The system includes a High Concentration Sludge system that will aid in reducing the volume of sludge produced. With over 1000 installations worldwide, the technology has a proven track record, not only effectively clarifying turbid water, but also treating a multitude of different water pollutants. The compact footprint, cost-efficient maintenance and high degree of operational flexibility of the system will give the Calaveras County Water District a clarification technology that can meet and adapt to all of its drinking water treatment needs for years to come.

Lanxess Sybron Signs Marketing & Distribution Cooperation Agreement

Lanxess’ Liquid Purification Technologies business unit has entered into a cooperation agreement with the French company Polymem SA, Toulouse, represented in the U.S. and Canada by Clean Membranes. Lanxess has already begun worldwide marketing of the Gigamem family of ultrafiltration (UF) modules from Polymem, featuring Neophil hollow-fiber membranes. In addition, UF will soon be integrated as a new module in LewaPlus IX and RO system design software.

“We are gaining a product portfolio that ideally complements our Lewatition exchange resins and Lewabranereverse osmosis membrane elements for water treatment. Around one third of all newly built reverse osmosis plants have upstream ultrafiltration, and the trend is rising. This synergy between Lanxess’, Polymem’s and its distributor Clean Membranes’ product lines expands our respective abilities to offer innovative, customized solutions to customers throughout the region,” said Firuza Mir, President of Lanxess Sybron Chemicals.

Inductive Automation Announces Ignition Firebrand Awards

Inductive Automation has selected the recipients of its Ignition Firebrand Awards for 2018. The announcements were made at the Ignition Community Conference in September.

The awards  recognize system integrators and industrial organizations that use the Ignition software platform to create innovative new projects. Ignition by Inductive Automation is an industrial application platform with tools for the rapid development of solutions in human-machine interface (HMI), supervisory control and data acquisition, manufacturing execution systems, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Ignition is used in virtually every industry, in more than 100 countries.