Human Fetus Discovered in Tennessee Water Treatment Plant

March 21, 2018
The fetus was found in a facility intake flow

A human fetus was discovered at the Johnson City water treatment facility in Tennessee on March 17, 2018. The fetus was found in a facility intake flow.

Johnson City police are now in search of the fetus’ mother, asking the public for assistance in the search to ensure her health.

“Right now we’re hoping that somebody will come forward, that somebody knows somebody that was pregnant, maybe had some pregnancy issues,” said Gary Wills, Johnson City Police Department Investigator.

The remains were initially found by workers for the Johnson City Water and Sewer Department at the treatment plant near the back of the facility.

Upon discovery, it was taken to William L. Jenkins Forensic Center for an autopsy where initial results determined the fetus to be approximately 15 weeks old.