65,000 People Warned Following Mechanical Failure at Ireland Water Treatment Plant

Jan. 30, 2018
Boil-water advisory in place for Wicklow and south Dublin areas

A boil water notice has been put in place by Irish water for 65,000 Irish residents in the Wicklow and south Dublin areas following a mechanical failure at a water treatment plant. Before use for drinking or other household uses, water should be boiled and cooled.

The Vartry Treatment Plant is the source of this precautionary measure, having suffered a failed chlorine booster at the facility. The water treatment process must involve certain levels of chlorine to ensure the treated water is safe to drink. The 65,000 residents under advisory receive water from this plant.

According to Irish Water, the boil advisory will be removed as soon as possible, but they are first ensuring the proper levels of chlorine by dosing the water and also sampling water from all the affected areas.