Middle School Students Create Flood Solution

Dec. 15, 2017
The students are looking for professional input to expand their flood solution design

The Deer Path Braves 8th Grade Varsity Robotics Team, based in Lake Forest, Ill., was tasked with finding an innovative solution to a current problem in the human water cycle. The team looked into the problem of flooding and power loss during hurricanes and developed a solution. Recently, the students advanced to the state level competition due to the innovative design they created.

The solution the team designed was a smart turbine drainage system. This drain would divert flood water as well as generate electricity. The team’s electronic drain manager (E.D.M.) would help to drain flood waters down a pipe, similar to a normal sewer drain, except with a turbine at the bottom that would create electricity for nearby homes. 

The team presented this idea with minimal professional input on the design, but still won first place for the project. The judges said it was an original idea, but that they needed to share the idea to more outlets/people. If you are interested in adding insight on this design, please email [email protected]