ASCE Manual Aids Water Utilities in Asset Management

Aug. 9, 2017
Manual of Practice 134, Water Pipeline Condition Assessment provides technical information, recommendations

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) published a new Manual of Practice 134, Water Pipeline Condition Assessment. The manual provides water utilities with a path to determine the structural status of pipelines.

Recognizing the current state of individual pipelines and pipeline systems, enables water utilities to anticipate future issues.  Such condition assessments form a critical piece of an effective asset management program by establishing a baseline to understand the present state of a pipeline.

Focusing on the larger diameter transmission pipelines of water utilities, rather than the smaller diameter distribution systems, MOP 134 provides technical information and recommendations to set priorities and obtain an accurate determination of the condition of the individual pipelines and pipeline systems. It discusses data collection and management, planning, tools/technologies and the condition assessment report.

Seven case studies demonstrate the application of a variety of technologies for condition assessment, to help operators, engineers, managers and regulators of water utilities in their overall asset management program.

Source: American Society of Civil Engineers