EPA, AdEdge Honored for Collaborative Technology Transfer

April 24, 2017
Executive Board Technology Award recognizes NoMonia technology

AdEdge Water Technologies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that NoMonia, a dual-stage biological treatment technology for the removal of multiple contaminants, such as ammonia, arsenic, iron, and manganese from groundwater, was selected the winner of the 2017 Executive Board Technology Award at the upcoming 2017 National Federal Laboratory Consortium in San Antonio, Texas. The award highlights a successful technology transfer from a federal agency to a private sector company to commercialize, design and market the aforementioned technology.

NoMonia is a pre-engineered biological filtration technology that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to remove multiple contaminants in a single treatment process without generating hazardous waste streams characteristic of conventional treatment approaches, such as ion exchange and reverse osmosis.

“The market is thirsty for sustainable water treatment solutions for small communities,” says Ronit Erlitzki, NoMonia product manager and director of business development for AdEdge Water Technologies. “AdEdge is thrilled to partner with the EPA to help accomplish their goal of successfully transforming a bench-scale process into a full-scale water treatment system. This was an excellent opportunity to bring to the table all stakeholders—the EPA led by Dr. Darren Lytle, AdEdge, engineers and operators—and create a forum of productive collaboration and innovation.”

Prior to this collaboration, AdEdge was awarded 12 arsenic demonstration projects with EPA and helped define Best Available Technologies for arsenic removal. The relationship between AdEdge and EPA is an example of the importance of technology transfer and of a federal agency and business working together to expedite the process of bringing high-quality technologies to the market and creating jobs while maintaining a strong emphasis on access to safe, clean drinking water.

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies

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