AWWA Releases Second Book in ‘Communicating Water’s Value’ Series

March 7, 2017
Book focuses on importance of engaging public in water infrastructure

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) announced the release of the second book in the “Communicating Water’s Value” series by Melanie K. Goetz. The new book focuses on the importance of engaging the public when communicating about the value of storm water, wastewater and watersheds.

“Communicating Water’s Value Part 2” outlines tactics for wastewater utilities, watershed stewards, storm water managers, engineers, operators, and elected officials to shape and change consumers’ perceptions about the value water and wastewater bring to a community.  

The book demonstrates the value of continuously communicating with stakeholders about key issues, such as when new facilities need to be built, infrastructure repairs need to be done, and rate changes and conservation measures need to happen. It’s vital the public be educated about the work it takes to keep water safe and clean.  

Also featured in “Communicating Water’s Value Part 2” are examples of organizations that have effectively implemented strategies to change consumers’ perception of the value of water.

“Communicating Water's Value Part 2: Stormwater, Wastewater & Watersheds” can be purchased in the AWWA Store. The full book also is available as a PDF download and as a PDF download and print set.

Source: American Water Works Assn.