Goulds Water Technology Announces Q2 2017 Schedule

Feb. 24, 2017
Training features new wastewater e-Learning course

Goulds Water Technology (GWT) announced its Q2 2017 training schedule, featuring a new wastewater e-Learning course that highlights the advantages, disadvantages, features, and applications of wastewater pumps and accessories. The course also includes instruction on how to properly select a wastewater pump, taking into consideration flow, system capacity, total dynamic head and other crucial calculations. 

“As the global water shortage continues to impact the industry, our customers have increased their efforts to treat and reuse wastewater for a variety of residential, agricultural and commercial purposes,” said Tom Stephen, GWT training manager. “Our new wastewater e-Learning course provides water professionals with the knowledge they need to feel confident selecting, installing, and troubleshooting wastewater pumps and products.” 

The new wastewater e-Learning course is part of GWT’s comprehensive education curriculum that includes in-person Factory School seminars, e-Learning courses and WebEx trainings about the latest advancements in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

An extension of the GWT Factory School, GWT’s e-Learning virtual education program is modified for individual comprehension. Students can now enroll in three courses—basic water systems training, variable frequency drives and wastewater pumps—that contain videos and interactive online resources. No registration is necessary; online courses take place at 2 p.m. EST.

GWT Factory School training courses are held at the Campbell Education Center laboratory in Seneca Falls, N.Y., where students learn using actual installations and gain valuable troubleshooting skills. Each course covers the breadth of the GWT product line and related systems and is available for water professionals with at least one year of industry experience.

Online WebEx training seminars can be accessed globally and are intended to provide dealers, distributors, engineers, and OEMs with up-to-date product information, troubleshooting support and other training to help grow their business. Each training seminar is approximately one hour long.

The GWT Factory School second quarter class schedule includes:

  • Wastewater Pumping Product and Application School – April 10 to 13
  • Commercial/Industrial Pump Product and Application School – May 1 to 4
  • Residential Water System Product Application and Troubleshooting School – May 15 to 18                                                                                                           

The GWT Factory School second quarter online WebEx training schedule includes:

  • Using the New VFD Payback Tool – May 5 / Aug. 21
  • Introduction of the New e-MP Technology – June 2
  • Overview of the Fifth Generation HYDROVAR – June 16
  • Sizing and Selecting a Residential Effluent System – June 19
  • Typical Causes of Vertical Turbine Failure – June 23
  • In-depth Look at the Aquavar SOLO 2 – July 17
  • Commercial Product Overview – July 19
  • Corrosion Basics – July 31
  • Troubleshooting Basics – August 7
  • AC Product – August 9

For more than 30 years, the GWT Factory School has educated thousands of water industry professionals on the latest advancements in commercial, residential and agricultural applications. For course descriptions or to learn how to register for in-person and e-Learning courses, visit http://goulds.com/factory-school and http://goulds.com/e-learning.

The Goulds Professional Dealers Assn. (GPDA) loyalty program helps professional pump installers grow their business and deliver superior service to homeowners by providing tools, education and support. GPDA members who enroll in GWT Factory School courses will receive points for attending training sessions: 10,000 points for in person factory school courses, 1,000 points for enrolling in e-Learning, 500 points for each online module and 250 points for each WebEx training.

Source: Goulds Water Technology

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