CH2M to Support USAID International Infrastructure Projects

Dec. 30, 2016
Services include engineering knowledge management, training, resource tools

CH2M announced it will assist the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with infrastructure construction and engineering knowledge management support under its Global Architect-Engineer Services contract. USAID's construction portfolio includes water, environmental, transportation, energy, communication and vertical structure projects. USAID administers the U.S. foreign assistance program providing economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Under USAID direction, the CH2M team will increase the impact of USAID infrastructure programs on humanitarian relief and international development by delivering construction and engineering knowledge management, and comprehensive training and resource tools geared to decentralized local project development solutions.

CH2M experts in infrastructure capacity building, risk management and sustainability, as well as construction quality, estimating, project controls, contracts and procurement, will develop a broad range of engineering and construction knowledge management data, training and reference materials to support agency projects across the globe. CH2M also will provide organizational learning and development, IT, and communications services to build in increased local knowledge management capacity and sustainability for agency projects.

"Leveraging our global technical expertise through knowledge management delivery supports USAID's mission to help end-user communities gain enduring benefits from sustainable international development,” said John Razzolini, CH2M executive sponsor.

CH2M service delivery includes:

  • Knowledge creation and capture: Following review of the USAID construction assessment report, leverage best practices and resources, and identify and fill engineering and construction information guidance and resource gaps across in-country infrastructure development.
  • Construction cost estimation capability enhancement: More accurately estimate and manage the cost of engineering and construction activities across USAID infrastructure portfolios.
  • Policy and data analysis: Identify and implement standard approaches for infrastructure development projects based on best practices and extensive regulatory and policy reviews.
  • Construction risk screening support: Establish a standardized process utilizing engineering and construction industry best practices, building on USAID infrastructure development work to date.
  • Training and capacity development: Improve quality and sustainability of project investments, and increase technical and management capabilities of staff through a program of workshops, classroom instruction, short courses and webinars.

CH2M's team of engineering and international development professionals with significant USAID experience understands the agency's mission, range of operational contracting models, and commitment to long-term impacts and development goals. CH2M has been supporting USAID for 35 years, completing agency work in more than 25 countries on four continents, totaling more than $340 million.

"Building sustainability into our service delivery model empowers local community development and future ownership," said Matthew Sutton, president of CH2M's Environment and Nuclear business. "This makes for the best overall solution for our client partners." 

Source: CH2M

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