Smart Water Networks Forum Partners With SplashLink

Nov. 16, 2016
North American Alliance members enjoy new benefits

SplashLink, an online marketplace for the water industry, and the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), a global hub for the smart water sector, announced new access to SplashLink’s forum for members of the North American Alliance.

“SplashLink is uniquely suited to accelerating adoption of smart water technologies.” said Amir Cahn, executive director of SWAN. “Their ability to connect our alliance members with the funding they need to make projects happen, as well as to experts in the smart water space, is unrivaled.”

“SWAN is one of the most forward-thinking global organizations in the water industry today,” said Ebie Holst, CEO of SplashLink. “The formation of their North American Alliance is just one manifestation of that, and we are thrilled to partner with them to bring their members greater access to the funding and expertise they require.”

SWAN’s North American Alliance was created to accelerate smart water and wastewater development in North America through the SWAN Forum’s collective, global industry expertise. Alliance members benefit through access to a centralized source for smart water resources, free webinars on smart water topics, a free utility workshop in January, and through access to partnership opportunities. The Alliance is utility-driven and membership is free for all actors in the U.S. and Canadian water sectors.

“We have worked with SplashLink before and have been impressed by their offerings,” Cahn said. “The tools they have introduced are truly responsive to the needs of the market and we are excited to bring access to those tools to Alliance members.”

“The resources SWAN is devoting to the membership of its North American Alliance is impressive,” said Jason Wuliger, SplashLink vice president. “We are looking forward to providing them with the tools they need to avoid missing valuable funding opportunities, and to making connections that matter.”

Source: SplashLink

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