WEF Launches #MyWaterLegacy Social Media Campaign

Oct. 7, 2016
WEF encourages members, water professionals to join movement

Water Environment Federation (WEF) President Paul Bowen launched the new #MyWaterLegacy social media campaign. The campaign will bring attention to the value of mentorship and membership, the tradition of working in the water sector, and the important contributions that water professionals make every day to build a legacy of clean water for future generations.

“Every action, decision and innovation we make as water professionals is really a building block for the future,” said Bowen. “We take our work very seriously, but there’s also a great deal of joy, satisfaction and pride in knowing that what we do makes a difference. Clean water keeps life going! WEF hopes this campaign will be a fun and engaging way to capture and celebrate that spirit and the passion our members and our colleagues around the world have for water and for the communities that they serve.”

WEF is encouraging its members and all water professionals to share how they are building their water legacy by posting their stories, accomplishments, activities and contributions using #MyWaterLegacy. A centerpiece of this effort is a special video. WEF members and water professionals are invited to share this video to inspire, engage and spread the important messages of clean water and the essential work of the water sector.

WEF will use the #MyWaterLegacy message for various purposes and WEF programs throughout the coming year and beyond. Most notably, the #MyWaterLegacy social media posts will be captured and featured in the in-development WEF Progress Report, a new online resource that will provide ongoing, real-time updates of WEF and member activities, as well as a special “My Water Legacy” series in WEF Highlights, WEF’s membership newsletter.

The ongoing series of WEF Highlights articles will profile the accomplishments and contributions of WEF members who have passed down the tradition of actively participating in WEF and working in the water sector. The first installment, which profiles the late Robert Canham, Sr., a former WEF executive director, and his son, Robert Canham, Jr., deputy director of Treatment Process at the Upper Occoquan Service Authority in Centreville, Va., is featured in the September issue.

For more information about the social media campaign and video, please contact Lori Harrison, WEF director of communications, at [email protected]. For more information about the WEF Highlights “My Water Legacy” series, or to submit a family to feature, please contact Jennifer Fulcher, WEF Highlights editor, at [email protected].

Source: Water Environment Federation