Milton Roy Launches New Line of Intelligent Metering Pumps

Sept. 30, 2016
PROTEUS designed for municipal & industrial water, waste treatment

Milton Roy launched the PROTEUS line of Intelligent Metering Pumps.

“The most extensive voice-of-the-customer program in the history of Milton Roy told us that customers were looking for a higher level of efficiency, responsiveness and control—and PROTEUS is the result of the R&D that was inspired by that feedback,” said Jim Carling, global product line manager for Milton Roy Industrial and Municipal Products.

PROTEUS metering pumps are designed for the specific requirements of municipal and industrial water and waste treatment. Available in two control configurations—manual and enhanced—PROTEUS pumps also fit the process control requirements of a wide range of applications, including general industry, agricultural, chemical, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, textiles and other applications.

PROTEUS offers a mechanically actuated diaphragm that is driven by advanced variable speed technology to handle low flows, with rates as low as .006 gph (.023 L/H) and up to 18 gph (68 L/H), with turndown capabilities of 1,000:1 and +/- 1% steady state accuracy. PROTEUS pumps can handle a range of chemicals, polymers, viscous fluids and slurries without being affected by changes in discharge pressure.

PROTEUS Pumps can communicate with digital or analog devices to administer a control schemes, such as pulse input, timed events or batch processes. Remote connectivity enables control and feedback in real time. A backlit color display allows for navigation in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. The pumps also feature a universal power supply (100-240V, 50/60 Hz) to provide maximum flexibility.

Options and accessories are available to customize PROTEUS metering pumps to any application, including backpressure valves, safety valves, pulsation dampeners, calibration columns, and degassing valves and systems. Multiple liquid end materials, including polypropylene, PVDF and 316L stainless steel, are offered to fit the application requirements.

PROTEUS metering pumps are certified to NSF 61, assuring potable water plants that the new pumps are safe to use and are compatible with the chemicals being injected into the water treatment process. A series of videos explaining how to navigate, calibrate and configure PROTEUS pumps are now available online. 

Source: Milton Roy

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