New Itron & WaterSmart Software Alliance

June 20, 2016
Collaboration to offer consumer engagement platform

Itron, Inc., and WaterSmart Software announced a new alliance, which will expand Itron’s water Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) portfolio in North America to include WaterSmart’s consumer engagement technology. The technology helps utilities become more water efficient by engaging consumers with their water usage and delivering actionable data to utilities.

Itron signed a three-year agreement to distribute WaterSmart’s software platform, which uses behavioral science to influence how people use water. This new alliance will combine Itron's delivery of smart networks and analytics with WaterSmart’s consumer engagement technology, giving Itron’s customers access to a comprehensive AMI solution, including consumer engagement applications.

The WaterSmart platform leverages utility meter, climate and property data to better communicate with residential customers and help them save water, energy and money. Water suppliers also receive analytics that reveal insights into customer consumption and program participation trends. Utilities using the platform have demonstrated an increase in customer satisfaction of more than 35%. 

"WaterSmart Software’s consumer engagement platform builds on the strengths of Itron’s portfolio of water technology and analytics, providing our customers with additional actionable data to more effectively manage water resources,” said Paula Billingham, Itron vice president of sales, marketing and delivery for Water North America. "Our utility customers will greatly benefit from WaterSmart’s expertise in enhancing consumer engagement and deriving more value from data collected throughout the distribution network. This is critical to managing precious water resources and helping utilities realize efficiencies by reducing non-revenue water and associated energy costs.”

“We are excited to collaborate with one of the leading water AMI providers in the world as we work to help utilities and their customers improve water efficiency and engage with their water use,” said Robin Gilthorpe, WaterSmart Software CEO. “The benefits translate into significant system-wide savings for utilities in the form of avoided costs for water, energy, treatment and future capital investments which helps ensure sufficient supplies of our most precious resource for all our communities. Our collaboration will provide new opportunities for Itron’s current and future customers.”

Source: Itron, Inc.


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