New York Town Selects Management Solution

Oct. 13, 2015
The platform is GIS-centric

For the town of Colonie, N.Y., a complete management solution has helped administer the day-to-day business of licensing, permitting and asset management. With Cityworks, the Town has achieved that and more. Cityworks is used throughout the town, leveraging their GIS database and helping them maintain infrastructure and permitting requirements for the water, building and fire services departments.

Colonie benefits from their use of both Cityworks Server PLL and AMS, particularly in their capital planning process. Everything from its public operations department is associated with either a fixed asset or a parcel of land. Being able to see work on a map has been helpful to the town’s frontline staff and higher decision makers.

Colonie began using Cityworks Server PLL in its public works department in 2000 to track complaints and work performed on water and sewer systems. Today, all permits are issued through Cityworks, including building, water, sewer, highway work, grading and operating permits.

“Having the ability to see the workflow in its entirety in Server PLL has been invaluable,” said Robert Mateja, GIS coordinator at Colonie. “Currently, the building department is starting to track complaints in Cityworks, which allows us to tie complaints with a permit when appropriate. Cityworks has made it possible for a project to be captured in its entirety, from a developer’s initial concept all the way through certificate of occupation.”

Using Server PLL has given staff the ability to see the status of all permits. Fees are now calculated within the system, which has eliminated errors, and permits now have a payment history associated with them. Cityworks also manages all money collected throughout the permitting process. The town generates reports for the comptroller’s office, providing an internal control system.

Source: Cityworks