Engineering Firm Upgrades Software at New Jersey Water Supplier

June 25, 2015
The firm is providing onsite, remote and online support during the testing process

Westin Eng., under contract to the Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) in Clifton, N.J., has achieved several milestones in its contract to help PVWC upgrade its systems and technologies, eliminating outdated systems so they can better serve customers now and into the future.

Charged with providing clean and safe drinking water to more than 70,000 retail accounts in Northern New Jersey and treated wholesale water to several other communities and the operations, maintenance, and regulatory compliance of a 110-million-gal-per-day water purification plant, 800 miles of water distribution lines, and 38 other facilities (dams, pump stations and storage tanks), PVWC is working with Westin to increase efficiencies by replacing PVWC’s antiquated systems, engaging users of the new systems to improve business processes and deploy best practices using contemporary technology solutions.

Westin worked with PVWC staff to identify the continuous improvement software (CIS) business process requirements and educated PVWC on the software selection approach to ensure selection of a practical CIS product that adequately met PVWC’s goals. The outcome from this selection process is the deployment of the first of the technology tools, a comprehensive utilities management suite called CIS Infinity that helps utilities integrate functions to improve customer service is now being put through its paces.

Westin is supporting PVWC during the CIS Infinity and mobile module testing process through a combination of onsite support, remote support and WebEx online support. By utilizing a comprehensive testing approach, PVWC and Westin can ensure that change management that prepares the PVWC staff to perform the new business processes, to adjust to modified job responsibilities, to incorporate alteration of services to customers, and successfully implement new technology capabilities. This comprehensive and thorough approach engages users in the process, to maximize effectiveness and leverage new and enhanced capabilities.

“Choosing the right technology solution is only part of what is needed for utilities to transition to new, more effective processes successfully,” said Stacey Aukamp, the project manager who helped with the implementation of the new systems. “By providing a framework for organizational change management activities, we start with the people impacted by the new business process to help them adapt to and embrace change in their work environment. This ultimately improves performance, lowers costs, and increases efficiency, yielding better service for PVWC’s customers.”

Source: Westin Eng.